Saturday, January 1, 2011

A room at the top... Happy New Year!!(L'Shana Tovah)

One must admit that the thought of celebrating on New Years Eve can cause my tummy to churn and head to hurt! The drama of who(to toast with), what(to wear), when(to admit you broke your new years resolution), where(to go) and why(none of the previous listed go to plan) can be exhausting? As my housemate prepped for a night full of canapes and cocktails to be consumed in a room at the top of the Eureka Tower, I put on my sundress and "cluck, cluck, cluck" clogs for a balmy nights BBQ. And although I didn't have a midnight kiss with my Mr. Darcy - a perk of my housemates night(perhaps it was the altitude?) I did enjoy a midnight embrace with a dear friend, which in my opinion is a more than perfect way to begin 2011!

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