Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair Tutorial 101

Lunch breaks are the perfect opportunity for snacking, a girlie gossip, ponytails and plaits! I pestered my long-haired lunch buddy to be my cute hair how-to mannequin and this is the result!

Note: These hair tips are easy-peasy and with a bit of practise (I am very much still a beginner)a packet of hair pins and a few lackey bands around your wrist you'll be styling your whole team of staff before your lunch hour is up!

Braided Crown

1. Braid two ponytails, and secure each with a small rubber band.

2. Make sure the tops of the braids are pretty loose (you don't want that part pulled too tight or you'll be able to see the part line going down the back).

3. Take the braid on the right and wrap it around the front. Wrap it low and loose near your front hairline (versus on the top of your head).

4. Pin the braid in place with bobby pins.

5. Take the second braid and wrap it around the back. Again, I like to keep it low and loose so it sort of flows into the front braid.

6. Pin in place. If your hair is long enough, tuck the end of each braids behind the other braid (right where they meet) and pin to hold. Voila!

Good things come in two's!

What a wonderful start to a predicted TERRIFIC week!!So great that, my heart can't wait another day to claim Tuesday as my FAVOURITE and these yummy scrummy organic nutty treats housed in my (newly purchased) lunch box can be held responsible!!Ta, Sarah!Along with my gifted skater skirt - I can loudly and proudly proclaim good things come in two's!!Marching Ants included!

Happy Tuesday Friends xx

Good things come in small packages...

My darling friend Charmaine has newly opened an amazing little online boutique. The sunny-side-of-life shop is as easy to remember as your 4 digit PIN - 1991. You can find her and her lovelie store 1991 on facebook. Like her - trust me she is very like able. This sweet skater skirt featured above was a gift from my dearest. I can almost hear the birds singing as I twirl around in this bottom in the springtime.
Oh, I told you she's very like able!!

Jessie x

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Alice

Arabella Ramsay Autumn/Winter 2011

my little pony

when something is very cute

"in my art I use a variety of media to attempt to evoke the powerful yet marginalised emotions that we are often told to ignore: isolation and loneliness, childhood nostalgia, disappointment, a kind of homesickness. But I also try to represent emotions such as friendship, amusement and the feeling you get when something is very cute".

Kate Pugsley.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Girls Night In - Slumber Party

Cake, quilts and note worthy quotes...

"It's common knowledge that if you tongue kiss a boy he automatically thinks you'll do the deed with him!"

Tu-Tutti Frutti!

Sweet and Digit-delicious!

Brush your nails with a berry-red, tip with a green and seed with a sparkle.

Model: Dimity, aged 11.