Friday, January 28, 2011

to market, to market... PART TWO

As I ventured on my third 'market, to market' experience this morning, it occurred to me that my second 'to market' post was severely overdue!!! Better late than never...

As the other half of my 'Sister Act' has relocated to another 'Abbey', we decided to feast on a last supper at Lentil As Anything! A non for profit organisation, Lentil As dishes up a moral lesson with every vegetarian plate served. Not only can I guarantee a good feed for a pay as you feel price, but attend on the 'fifth day' and you are sure to enjoy a whole lot more than just a delicious dinner.

Playing host to the Supper Markets each Friday, 'the sound of music' fills the twilight air, whilst stalls of everything allow you to browse art and craft or rummage rags and riches. For the foodies, cuisine hawker stands showcase bites from around the world - the perfect doggy bag for tomorrows lunch and for thou wanting to celebrate the weekend with a beverage, make your way upstairs to Handsome Steve's Bar.

Tip: if lost seek directions from the (handsome) bookstore attendant, Handsome Steve's nephew! One visit and you'll be a regular!

Have no doubt, you will be adding Friday night mass to the list of your 'favourite things'!!

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