Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No more tan hands!!

Although I, like most girls am a fan of the bronzed goddess look, the idea of age spots, wrinkles and leathery skin at 'almost 40' appeals to me a whole lot less. A visit or two to the solarium, a red bottom and countless slaps on the behind from disapproving friends means I am officially a reformed baker. Fear not my pastie pals, tan in a can too be your new 'just a quickie' before bed! However, there is no match made in heaven worth saving if orange palms are a part of the relationship. Thankfully, faux tan cupid has struck me with an arrow!!

Earth Choice detergent - a simple squeeze and scrub and your secret is safe! "Is that not for clothing??" perhaps you ask? Intentionally yes! But for the price of $1.93 the 'multi-purpose' liquid will soon become a shopping basket staple and your pm priority! Xx

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