Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a stranger's hand.

 talk of cats and kittens. sleepy eyes and floral linen. canned beans and easy reading.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

tap in time to happy voices: buckley ward

how do you do? with Tim from Melbourne band, Buckley Ward.

who is Buckley Ward and what music-makers do you each tote along to band practice? Buckley Ward is a five piece - Jimmy, Georgie, Ren, Juz and me. we usually bring more instruments than necessary and insist Juz play as many as we can strap to him. some of them have big buttons which look like they would be fun to press, so far i haven't been allowed. why Buckley Ward? is there a tale to tell? Buckley Ward is the electorate that a few of us grew up in, it's not an amazing back story but i like the idea there's potentially those little calendars you stick on your fridge with our name on it and some old dude's face. my Nana's nuts for those little calendars, can't get enough of them. what kind of music do you make? pop-folk-electro (we're trying to add more hyphens, so if any other genres jump out at you let us know). tell us about the new release... it's called, So Pretend. we recorded it in a small space, rehearsed it in a larger space, and are now getting ready to play it in some dark places. it's something we've been working on for a while and we're all really proud of. plus it looks pretty. describe your first ever Buckley Ward gig... my first Buckley show was a long time ago, so long ago that i hadn't even met 40% of the current members. we played in an Irish bar it had a little library and some board games, maybe even Dominos. our "best" song at the time was called 'Chuck Norris lol' and it was about as good as it sounds. Buckley's come a long way since then, so much so that it feels like a completely different band. i think we've gotten better since that show, although maybe not so much so as the band who opened for us, a little band called, Oh Mercy. what station is set on your radio dial? depends if love-songs & dedications is on. favourite Sunday dinner? Sunday? roast beef with a whole lotta taters. best hometown go to for a caffeine fix..? The Village Store, in Yarraville. as many Dr. Peppers as you like. eggs and burnt toast..? i am amazing at burning things. a good show..? The Astor. day or night? that bit where day turns into night and everything looks amazing. any stage banter do or don'ts? if there is a list of these let us know, i think we're in need of some guidelines. cider or whiskey? no thanks, i'm driving. favourite sing-along-to on the wide open road? 'Private Eyes', by Hall and Oatesany upcoming gigs we should know about? yes!! we're touring, it's gonna be the business! diary dates all of which you can peep at over here. and now for a round of applause (and an extra bow by Tim). 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

summer departing

fingers knicked from quickly turning page after page of The Hunger Games, i can't help but think heroines Katniss and Gale would down milky cups of hot chai cider with their stew and cheese topped buns amongst the forbidden woods that border district twelve. thank-you Erin Gleeson of The Forest Feast for allowing me to toast snuggled in flannelette, steaming mug on my dresser to such a bed-summoning read.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hello, hello sandwich.

friends! my number one favourite mt loving, pom-pom glueing, paper fan making blogger, Ebony Bizys is coming to Melbourne and she's bringing her craft cupboard (well, all that will fit in her polka dot suitcase)! and if that news itself doesn't make you do cartwheels, she's hosting her very own Hello Fabric and Hello Paper workshops. seats are as limited as musical chairs so slowpokes will be left standing surly. if you wish to join me in sewing a kitsch cushion cover and a mini pocket tissue case click here and QUICKLY!! see you soon, Hello Sandwich!

Monday, April 16, 2012

a travelogue.

saving every last penny in an attempt to fluff my feathers, spread my wings and take flight come the beginning of our other half's cold season, Similar Winters, a short film by Koo Chia Meng for Issue 1 of Casual Days warms my blue hands and gives me good reason to eat frozen peas and drink instant coffee.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the stage is a stage for all that is grand!

dance in a circle of buntings that fly, there is a magnificant market full of marvellous toys for us grown-up girlies and boys and it's on its way to Melbourne!! the with over 120 artsy and crafty stalls (sweet william, alfalfa and tightology to name a few!) the Finders Keepers market is sure to be worthy of your weekend. jete' this way for all the small details...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

sunshine + ravioli

some things i like (sunshine + ravioli included).

this look book.

quinoa sushi served with diy pickled ginger.

an (owl-know-how) launch.

arminho's herbarium journal.

clutching at glitter, from gift shop brooklyn.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

dear melbourne: (golly gosh!) a guest!

Twenty & Six Espresso

I am writing this on the eve of Daylight Saving ending, so am mindful that by this time tomorrow what’s left of the long Summer evenings will be gone. Soon the air will become crisp, the leaves will turn golden and out will come the socks, the crochet blankets, the casserole dishes and the red wine…

When Jessie asked me to ‘guest’ on She’s Leaving Home, she mentioned that with cooler weather approaching, featuring an all-day breakfast place or “somewhere to warm one’s tummy” might be appealing to her readers. Nice idea, I thought. What nicer thing to do when the weather turns cool than to meet up with friends for a hearty breakfast? I knew just the place… So come Saturday morning, I pedalled over to Twenty & Six Espresso in North Melbourne to meet my friends for breakfast. 

Twenty & Six is the brain-child of design-duo-turned-café-owners, Ned Rahmanovic and Majda Falon. The interior space is light and bright, and speckled with quirky design features like suspended light globes, whimsical little wall sketches, and wooden milk-crates. We sat at the communal table and ordered a round of coffee (blends courtesy of Proud Mary and Seven Seeds) and poured over the menu. I love how dishes here are named like they’d fuel you with super-human powers for the rest of the day. We were all very tempted by “The Hulk” (smashed avocado with lemon, chilli, mint, fetta and house-cured salmon gravalax), but in the end, the two ladies of the breakfasting party went with “The Traveller” (Baked eggs with lamb kofta and coriander salsa in a spiced tomato sauce), and the man just couldn’t go past “The Hunter” (Balsamic roasted Portobello mushrooms with spiced chorizo, crème fraiche and truffle oil). (With a name like that, I am pretty certain most men can’t!). Our baked eggs came in a skittle, hot from the oven and accompanied by two cigars of flat-bread and some hummus on the side. It was a fantastic combination – subtly sweet and salty (but not too much so) and deliciously flavoursome. The mushrooms and chorizo looked equally spectacular, and serendipitously the guy across the table from us was enjoying a sky-high pile of smashed avocado.
(Wow!)(Next time…).

 Tummy warmers? You bet! Super-human powers? Check! All day breakfast? Well, I forgot to ask… but if not needing to eat for the rest of the day counts, then yes!

(03) 9329 0298

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

dear melbourne

dear melbourne, set the table and clear away your weekend mess we have a guest. polly put the kettle on we'll all have tea. knock! knock! knock! who's there?? okay, i'll spill the beans. she almost always shares her melbourian caffeinated discoveries here. other trolley dollies, foodie fans, girls about town, as well as friends from afar and admirers of nice things are likewise invited. see you on wednesday then. p.s. knock three times. Jessie x x