Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oooo Is For Olivia In Orange

O Is For Olivia

Cosy knit: CHECK
Skinny belt: CHECK
Pleated maxi: TRIPLE CHECK
Pink Clutch: = OUTFIT LUST!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Search Blog

Search Blog: Bag Lady


I failed as a bag face!Sad but true! I think the fact I hate commitment and routine made the day to day posting unrealistic from the very start. To my beloved bags - sorry. In compensation I do promise to cherish you for however long we both shall live.

On that note - I am thinking I should add to the family (bag) tree? Rebecca Minkoff, why are your designs so desirable? (see above)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bag Lady

Days 4 & 5: Burgundy Satchel and Buckle Bucket Bag

As my housemate Elly has been vacating on the coast these past few days I have been without my "girl next door" photographer to document my bag changes! No excuse really for my delayed bag lady posts, however she did ask for her name in the credits as a small fee for her daily pictures - documented evidence that her excuse for being late to work although not legitimate, is very much true!

Wall Post: Voguette

Not normally a fan of Australia Vogue, I surrendered defeat this month paying the $8.50 for the Colour Fiesta issue. My verdict - worth every cent, even if only for the fashion feature, Viva la revolucion! The riotous prints that prevail in these snaps "throw colour caution to the wind", my style moto summed up in a sentence! White wall, fairest of them all BE GONE!!

Prediction: If camel is the new black this winter then surely Melbourne will be brave enough to join in and embrace just the tiniest bit of Vogue's colour me happy ways?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bag Lady

Day 3: The Babe Behind The Bag...

Infatuated with her brown leather booties I requested that one of my dearest be a placebo me for Day 3's bag-face snap. The boho woven is however mine!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summer Nights!

Last night the girlies and I packed up a picnic, sprayed the repellent and got comfty for a moonlight movie!

Thunderbirds, "Tell me more, tell me more..."

Slicked hair, leather jackets, milkshakes and Rydell High - GREASE is the word.

Pink Ladies, "Tell me more, tell me more..."

We got friendly, down in the sand...

Everyone, "Uh-oh those summer nights!!!"

Bag Lady

Day 2: Round We Go!

This hand-y-bag seems to always earn a compliment or two!! I picked it up at a Boxing Day sale a few years ago and have had a soft spot for Santa ever since.

Bag Lady

As you may or may not be aware I am an admitted bag lady! Not in the sense of a "homeless" woman who carries all of her possessions with her in a blue and red checked shopping bag, but in a way that my bag tree is overflowing with slings, satchels, clutches and totes (to name a few)...

To prove to you my addiction I will be posting a pic of me and a one of my many carry - alls each day for the month of Feb!I just hope 28 days are enough? Ekkk who am I kidding! I'll try my best xx

Day 1: Vintage Patchwork

It seemed logical to start off with my everyday essential! Home to my keys, receipts, chewing gum, cards, and the odd bit or bobble - my purse!! Funny enough, I didn't mention it's intentional purpose of holding coin? Perhaps that's because generally I struggle to find more than a few silver pennies hiding inside :(