Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dream a little dream...

A friend once told me that she consciously takes note of 3 beautiful things each and every day to remind her of the wonderful world in which we live. Being a 20-something female I admit that it's sometimes easier just to dwell on the more dull and 'Why me?' circumstances that blow my way when the winds are fierce. The fact that I just referred to myself as a 20-something year old is a prime example of those loud gulp moments!

However, following my friends cue and on a happier note, I thought I'd share with you 1 of my 3 beautiful things this Thursday. An ambassador for stopping at nothing to reach your biggest hopes and ambitions - even if it means driving miles and miles to reach that pot of gold, I now ask you to join me in giving another inspirational girlfriend a round of applause, "When I was in Year 11 I wrote on my resume that I liked rollerskating, and wanted to be a fashion journalist", she giggled as we celebrated an article she wrote being featured in Australian Fashion Guide.

She dreamt a little dream, and that dream is now a reality - printed in black and white. What more does one need to reassure them that the colours of the rainbow are so pretty in the sky? Well done Alice!!! Your achievements are worthy of a special mention and defiantly deserving of a mental note...

Beautiful thing # 1 - Dreams can come true

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coolest Cat in NYC

Straw hat, Playboy belt buckle, Dior women's sunglasses, gold teeth - A (Big) Apple a day keeps the dentist away? Only in New York!

Tea - a Drink with Jam and Bread

Dearest friends,

It's been far too long!

But I have good reason.

After a delightful trip to the hills last month I misplaced my camera.

I presume it now lives either at Black Kettle, the Sassafras tearooms where we feasted on scrumptious scones, or the town's tea shop, which if this is the case, it is safe to say that there is absolutely no chance of it being found.

Shelved floor to ceiling with cups and saucers and pots, some big enough for two, others for tea on the run, the store is home to thousands of crockery pieces all of which are equally as intriguing as their neighbour. Simply it is a tea lover's heaven. And, as some of you may consider me somewhat of a tea enthusiast (or crazy tea(bag)lady), you can understand that my absentmindedness may have been amplified by my sheer captivation, much like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!!

Anyhow...the point of my post is that I lost my camera and with the intention of finding it in my car or under my bed I postponed my posting.

Unfortunately, as my camera is still missing in action and as time keeps ticking and my world keeps spinning with things I wish to show and tell, I am determined not to leave anymore of my possessions behind - my blog included!

It's time for us to be reuni-tea-ed!

I promise to one day soon take a trip back to the 'magical faraway tree(s)' with a camera tied to my wrist. But until then, I hope this post has been as much of an afternoon treat, as a big cup of tea - a drink with jam and bread!

Jessie xx