Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Trolley Full of Treasure...

Going on a treasure hunt "S" marks the spot!!

A road trip to Savers proved a rather successful expedition even if I do say so myself. Not only did my gal pal and I manage to overload a trolley with potential treasures, we were able to sort these goodies holding the "yes's" for dear life, retrying the "questionable" in fear that someone else may be spotted in them, when they were meant to look ah-mazing on us, and culling the "no's", declaring them free to wandering eyes and lingering baskets. All for less then the cost of a visit to the green grocer.

Here's a peek at the cheap finds I thought to be as good as gold...

Clockwise From Top Left: Camel Nightgown $ 5.99, Chambray Striped Dress $ 4.99, Cropped Fur Jacket $ 59.99, Middle Hued Denim Shirt $ 4.99, Basket Sling $ 3.99

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