Monday, January 24, 2011

to market, to market... PART ONE

At last summer in Melbourne seems to be basking us in the sun's rays with long bright evenings warranting a visit to the iconic Suzuki Night Markets. A swelling crowd of the young and old, local and tourist gathering to mingle as the famous corner of Queen and Elizabeth St comes alive.

Brimming with fun and frivolity, nothing tops strolling the stalls of treasures, trinkets and take-away treats as the band bangs the bongo drums and boys and girls bop to the rhythm of the beat. Style stalkers be prepared to snap the fashionable folk who attend with the hope of rummaging a bargain or two! (I managed to pick up a vintage patchwork bucket bag for a mere $15).

Bring a hearty appetite! With a plethora of edibles for all members of the food chain, carnivores, omnivores and herbivores alike will find themselves in a food coma after indulging in an array of honey dumplings, paella, souvlaki and noodles (I'd suggest the organic curry). Note: save room for dessert - if your anything like my gal pals ensure enough space for crepes AND gelati!!

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