Monday, September 19, 2011

sticky fingers

Generally speaking the end of afternoon tea involves clearing crummy china and putting any leftover pastries into tupperware. Cinnamon swirls regularly end up in the 'uneaten container' bypassed for a slice of cherry tart or piece of jammie sponge.

The boozy buns served at Jane's Sweet Buns on St Marks Place, East Village are however an exception to this sweet tooth rule. Jane's buttery breads are inspired by cocktail recipes and feature traces of our top shelf favorites. The dessert menu includes the Harvey Wallbanger which lists a splash of Galliano, and the Strawberry Fizz measuring a double act of Aperol and Aromatics. Cheese frosting will never be the same again if not mixed with a drop of gin, nor will kitchen duty!

I'm almost certain there will be no complaints if sticky fingers have to be licked clean! After all, these buns promise to have give you your 3 o'clock sugar fix and leave you in high-spirits.

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