Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FRESH GIGGLE: social studies

There is no age I have been that I would trade for the age that I am now, except maybe 12? Almost all of my  social anxiety between then and now has stemmed from the dull, nagging fear that I would say something wrong, or not have the answer to a question. Turns out conversations thrive on questions and asking people to explain something makes them and you feel good. Something I've learnt in my 20's!

Q. How would you describe your style?


I am aged 12 and skinny but tall. In shoes my feet are big but narrow and I am a size 38. I wear all different things normally. During the day I wear jeans and tops with a jumper over, but during the night time if I have a party or something I like to wear something very pretty and short, but I don't mind if it's a skirt and top or dress, but if it's a skirt I like to wear it high waisted. I like all different colours and I suit a whole different range of colours, not sure about pale colours though because I am very pale so I'm not sure if I suit pale colours? I don't have a style icon, but I like lots of things. I would describe my style as new trends/modern, cute, pretty and full on, so I like a very casual look but I still like to look hot at the same time. At night time, like for parties, I like to wear nothing to over the top but still be very sexy, and a little over the top, but just a normal night time look. I do have curly buffy hair. Somethings don't suit my curly hair, but nearly every second week its straight and for parties its straight.


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  1. Lady Lady,
    This made me laugh so hard when Katey Matey showed it to me today!! Definitely the best (and probably most shocking) I've ever read.
    Love your guts xx

    P.S. You have 53 followers!! Wowwweeeerrrrsss!!