Monday, September 19, 2011

Artists and Fleas

Calling all collectors!! Everyone has their thing - thrifting trinkets, hoarding hats, filling jars and jars with unbuttoned buttons! Whichever your vice the Brooklyn Flea is a " I-cant-help-myself " vendors smorgasbord. With the ability to turn your quirky obsession into a freaky addiction, you'll rummage everything from keepsake treasures, to pantry preserves, homewares, hand-mades and wardrobe heirlooms.

On a recent trip I basketed a pair of Ninaz clogs, some bejeweled loafers, a bold bolero, this cutesie curly top paperdoll, as well as a variety of vintage collars and a bottle of ginger syrup (I'll be sure to share a recipe). The markets are a mixed bag but that makes it all the more fun!! And if the overwhelming thought of where one would start to source such goodies in such a setting hurts your head, be comforted you can refuel at the "foodies haven" or as I did, declare "time-out" and simply people watch! Either or it's just a nifty way to spend a Sunday!

Brooklyn Flea: the place to be seen

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