Saturday, September 10, 2011

MOMA: The Art of Observation

If the mention of the word 'museum' has you squirming in your seat, scanning the room for the closest exit whilst thinking, "not another guided tour, lead by a man resembling my distant Uncle Lenard", the uncle who is distant for the reason that no one wants to sit next to him at Christmas dinner in fear of having to skip the pudding in order to save themselves from festive cheer dehydration, fear not!

The Modern Museum of Art (MOMA) isn't just galleries filled with mind numbing illustrations, photographs and sculptures, it is a personal experience. A unique and inspiring two-way conversation between the museum and it's guests. A 'Uncle Lenard' tour guide free-zone.

I not only invite, but urge you to have a chat with MOMA, and if your still sceptical do so on Friday between 4pm and 8pm - it's on the house!

After all, what would a museum be with no visitors? And remember it's the spectators who make the pictures.

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