Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Send me no flowers

Girlies and Gentlemen,

Please may I have your attention!
I wish to announce an A+ announcement and my heart can't wait another day...

I am a VERY lucky girl. For those who are unaware I have been gifted a very special opportunity.

The team at frankie magazine along with pages digital and life lounge have awarded me with the title of 'Intern'. Not only will I be drinking tea, stitching stitches and posting posts with our frankie friends but bringing you all along for the ride in my brand new ford fiesta!TOOT!TOOT!

Send me no flowers but a promise, you'll stay connected!
All that's left to do is visit

Jessie xx


  1. I just saw the news on the Frankie blog and wanted to jump over and say hello. Congratulations on this fantastic opportunity! I can't wait to read your posts and am looking forward to getting to know your space here too. Happy Monday! xx

  2. Why ta so much Aoife! I can't wait for us to dance in circles together at the launch party of the 'a connected life' site ;). I'm following your fun times also so keep your walkie talkie on hand! Jessie x