Thursday, May 31, 2012

small talk with a sweet voice: sui zhen

talk to us about my favourite tune of yours, Little Frog... this song is set in-and-about the suburbs my siblings and i called home a few years ago. each was within one kilometre of the other, yet mine was visited the least frequently because it was ‘a little too far'. simply, all these small scenes intertwine within the same locale. my sister calls this her song because it includes a moment when i visited her to help draw hundreds of geometric shapes for an architecture project that kept her up till the wee hours. any tips and tricks for knock-knees stage fright? whiskey. can you name something you have won? twenty pennies in the Melbourne Cup (when i was two). what did you blue-tac to your walls as a teen? mostly all things Smashing Pumpkins, Beastie Boys and Garfield, as well as scholastic posters of cutsie animals. what about something you have made from scratch? well that's easy, the stop-motion video for Little Frog. is there anything particular you fancy learning? Marine Biology and Japanese. best cure for a sore throat? hot toddies with manuka honey, plus lots of rest and patience. bright lips or blushed cheeks? i do both, i didn’t realise i had to choose? do you have any up-and-coming gigs we can get tickets to ASAP? yes! yes! come along and have a bop at the launch of my new album, Two Seas. Diary dates can be found here. hoorah! or should i say, galoomp! galoomp!

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