Thursday, May 17, 2012

she's leaving home (again).

don't think for a minnie i have forgotten about this little place we share together, oh no not at all! in fact my tummy has been in twists and knots since we last spoke just thinking about my lack of existence. turns out i've been rather tied up with lots of ric-rac these past few weeks. not an excuse but more of an explanation. time to spill the secret... so it seems she's leaving home (again). yep! it is so long, farewell Melbourne-town and how do you do Sydney? why oh why? well. i've found myself a small spot among the team of magazine Cosmopolitan Bride. think pretty veils and charming charms and baby-breath bouquets! i can't say i am not the tiniest bit overwhelmed. but i can promise to post more soon. pinkie swear. jessie xx


  1. Well done Jessie- I am so proud of you!! xxx

  2. Jessie. Congrats on the new post and welcome. Sydney's looking glorious at the moment. True. And there's a sparkly harbour winking a special hello for you, I just know it.