Monday, November 7, 2011

up the street and around the corner

AHOY THERE, maties and mermaids! i had to rub my eyes at first glance of this cutsie corner cafe. how have i not noted this before?? and just a skip down the street! i think i'll be visiting little captain as soon as the sun shines bright once more! imagine, umbrellas up-sey, a glass of orange and some friendly chatter over fried green tomatoes. i'm almost considering a parrot on my shoulder (or maybe just a splash of rum in the oj!).

little captain,
353 inkerman street, st kilda


  1. How cute! I just wanted to thank you for putting my embroideries on the Frankie blog. I had no idea I was featured! Haha. I was so confused why so many Australian sales came pouring in all of a sudden. If you had wanted a PDF pattern yourself, I'd love to send you one as a thank you!