Thursday, November 10, 2011

she wore a kimono and her lips were painted pink

we spent the late afternoon sat at a round table my dear great aunt and i. a spread of sweets and savouries left our elbows no choice but to flick out like those of birds on a cold morning, so we flapped our wings double dipping berries into sour cream and then once more into dark sugar. a nameless friend watched perched politely on a nearby chair. the porcelain faced doll was on loan. she belonged to a friend who had been given her as a gift back in the 50s by the old lady who owned a Chinese restaurant she use to frequent as a small girl. my aunt admired the doll so much her friend insisted she mind her for a while. isn't that darling? i wish i had remembered to take her picture before i left. sorry possums, next time.

Jessie x

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