Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Inspired by a little project with a lot of heart and fueled by my fixation with the idea of making a little special something out of paper, I thought it nice to spread about a little bit of heART-i-ness! And so, yesterday on my travels here and there and to nowhere in particular, I stuck signs of my love all over!! Poof! Just like that, L.O.V.E was in the air. Did any blow your way? I was wishing it in your direction...

She asked her mother for 50 cents,

to...jump over the fence,

A love letter addressed to the postie himself,

 I already had a basket full,

 Can you feel the buzz?

For those others who want to 'wear their heart on their sleeve', here's how-to:

1. Cut out a paper heart (s)
2. Write a message or leave blank (a heart says a thousands words)
3. Hide them in places that tickle your ticker

Note: lingering around the corner like a cat who spotted a pigeon is optional, but highly recommended. The glee of the unsuspecting 'loved-up' citizen is contagious!

Jessie xx

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