Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my favourite place.

nothing is nicer than being surrounded by your bits and belongings tucked away in your own secret space. it saddens me that in a little less than a week i will no longer come home to my bedroom with its pink streamer-like curtains and old rickety furniture balancing leaning books and ceramic critters. inspired by silly, joyful dreams Lucky Boy Sunday and their collection of softies and wooden wonders are at the top of my 'new room' wish list. this hanging pot is beary close behind, as are these pretty paper bowls sweet for housing trinkets. of course my 'new' towering bed will need 'new' shoes (pretty pegs) and it is always fun to play in overalls speckled in paint after a trip to Ikea. don't believe me? be sure to visit Emily over at The Sweet Beast. oh! and i will need a 'new' chair to place somewhere in the corner. sigh! there really is no place like home...

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