Friday, June 15, 2012

leveling all spoons.

hellllloo!! and yes, this is exactly how i would greet you at this particular time. wowee!! last day jitters and a big eventual moving to-do list i suppose. at least my weardrobe is almost packed and parceled. sorry for being a bit invisible around here this past week and a few days. if you miss me as much as i miss blogging in my bed, cup of tea warming my fingers in between sentences, then you might like to call in to the Spoonful zine shop. issue 7, about all things magic and of course happy is new to the shelf and my words fill its (or one of its) pages. uh-huh! i'm tickled pink. okie dokie enough nattering. let's have a wonderful weekend friendliest of friends. jessie x x

1 comment:

  1. you're moving! loved your place the last time i was there, all the little bits and pieces. hope you're taking them with you? x