Monday, March 19, 2012

no longer at this address

my housemate rushed up the flight of stairs that separates her room from mine this noon delivering good news - post. and from a certain someone special. i immediately stopped in my tracks and got out a notebook to return the pleasure of pen-to-paper. placing the ready to send envelope on my drawer i noticed something a little canny. my perfume was begging me to change my addressee's details. keep an eye out miss (dior) cherrie the postman has a small something in his mailbag for you. now don't be confused and stamp it 'return to sender' i may have intentionally removed a double consonant from your name. oh the joys of jotted jargon on ruled lines! (do excuse the pink photographic haze, my curtains droop from the ceiling illuminating a fairy floss glow). jessie x