Wednesday, January 18, 2012

to cook and rescue any dish

ooh, i long be a fabulous cook to get to know my oven and to bake without fuss still in my pyjamas, to dress up my vegetables and serve rice which is soft and soupy, to whip up that certain favourite something when there is nothing in the fridge! the list is as ever-increasing as my envy/'send a bunch of posies' for whizz with a whisk, Sophie and her collection of tried and true recipes. full to the brim with love and humour her precious manual of spoon and fork inspiration is a must-must for any girl about to embark on her first 'proper' dinnertime meal (to be eaten on the floor, wine in mugs), on impossible-to-satisfy chocolate afternoons and less hungry springtime eves. i long to fold floury dough into thin pasta ribbons, to say i simmered the soft fish in a grill pan... to have my very own one-pot Stovetop Revolution.

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  1. I'd like to have the same cooking prowess. I was watching Nigella last night, while ironing, and pondering how she did it. Did she just stuff up a lot of food before it was second nature to her?