Monday, January 2, 2012

they say it may be our last

welcome back dears. not that we ever parted as such but with the change of calendar year tags along that feeling of returning from someplace distant. with 2012 sneakily upon us it seems new year resolutions should already be at play and thus no longer new. but what good are resolutions unshared? 2012 for me, well i've decided to downshift. plain + simply i'll be making much of an effort to live plain + simply. i'm going to grow my own veggies. eat at the kitchen table more often than out. i'll drink more water. teach myself (and perhaps those of you whom aren't familiar) to crochet (a rug in time for winter would be nice). dance for the love of stepping in circles. walk wherever my feet can take me. read. and some more (a book club could be fun). write. with new words. bicycle, my next piggy bank purchase. fix my sewing machine and alter some hems. drink more tea, if that's even possible. maybe picked fresh from my to-be herb garden. call 'timeout' to spend with my family, if only over the phone. ask my grandparents questions. practise yoga. laugh more belly laughs. rest. be thankful. and of course post lots of notes to you. i have an inkling this year will bring many good fortunes, learned lessons and ratchet game afternoons. there's plenty of time to squeeze it all in, we're only a day behind. happy new year all round. jessie x

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