Thursday, December 8, 2011

the three marketeers

last sunday we took a trip to the camberwell markets my brother, his dear gal and i. it was cold and early, eyes were rubbed many a times and mouths opened wide and even wider with tiredness. but we rummaged and we found and we had such a lovelie time together. good things come in three i guess, if nothing else good luck on a market day. we left feeling rather chuffed with our treasures.

look, we spotted some original daisy lane trade cards.

lots of crockery and cutlery cuteness.

some sweet little dolly frocks.

remember my obsession with succulents?

vintage threads +

 a travelling caravan = dream. dream. dream.

and a tutti-frutti woolly jumper we purchased for a dime. i say we, as the dear (gal) adelle and i plan to swap the warm wearable back and forth between our hometowns. the jumper will fly with a small note detailing its escapades each time the button-up is returned to the other.

it's true, winners are grinners and family fun days are the best.


  1. LOVE markets. so many coming up for christmas too...