Thursday, June 2, 2011

Music: a nice note

Woah I
I got a secret
I think I’m in love with missing you
More than I’m in love with you
That’s why I go away all the time
That’s why I travel the world and roam free
There’s a time you leaving me
This is how I feel
I feel like a traveling salesman

Even though I’m a woman
Picking up my bags from the station
Standing there face to face
I’ll be lying if I did not say
I love you more and I’m missing you
That’s why I’m always away
Believe me it’s true.

Cotton soft vocals and lycrics that sound crumpled and worn. Three beautifully strange and strangely beautiful young ladies. Floating ideas which seem like no-brainers. Focus without a thought. Two hot weeks in New York City. In each other's orbits. A self titled album: Seeker Lover Keeper.

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