Friday, April 20, 2012

tap in time to happy voices: buckley ward

how do you do? with Tim from Melbourne band, Buckley Ward.

who is Buckley Ward and what music-makers do you each tote along to band practice? Buckley Ward is a five piece - Jimmy, Georgie, Ren, Juz and me. we usually bring more instruments than necessary and insist Juz play as many as we can strap to him. some of them have big buttons which look like they would be fun to press, so far i haven't been allowed. why Buckley Ward? is there a tale to tell? Buckley Ward is the electorate that a few of us grew up in, it's not an amazing back story but i like the idea there's potentially those little calendars you stick on your fridge with our name on it and some old dude's face. my Nana's nuts for those little calendars, can't get enough of them. what kind of music do you make? pop-folk-electro (we're trying to add more hyphens, so if any other genres jump out at you let us know). tell us about the new release... it's called, So Pretend. we recorded it in a small space, rehearsed it in a larger space, and are now getting ready to play it in some dark places. it's something we've been working on for a while and we're all really proud of. plus it looks pretty. describe your first ever Buckley Ward gig... my first Buckley show was a long time ago, so long ago that i hadn't even met 40% of the current members. we played in an Irish bar it had a little library and some board games, maybe even Dominos. our "best" song at the time was called 'Chuck Norris lol' and it was about as good as it sounds. Buckley's come a long way since then, so much so that it feels like a completely different band. i think we've gotten better since that show, although maybe not so much so as the band who opened for us, a little band called, Oh Mercy. what station is set on your radio dial? depends if love-songs & dedications is on. favourite Sunday dinner? Sunday? roast beef with a whole lotta taters. best hometown go to for a caffeine fix..? The Village Store, in Yarraville. as many Dr. Peppers as you like. eggs and burnt toast..? i am amazing at burning things. a good show..? The Astor. day or night? that bit where day turns into night and everything looks amazing. any stage banter do or don'ts? if there is a list of these let us know, i think we're in need of some guidelines. cider or whiskey? no thanks, i'm driving. favourite sing-along-to on the wide open road? 'Private Eyes', by Hall and Oatesany upcoming gigs we should know about? yes!! we're touring, it's gonna be the business! diary dates all of which you can peep at over here. and now for a round of applause (and an extra bow by Tim). 

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