Tuesday, February 14, 2012

flowers are the things we know

psst! if like me you intend to spend this valentine's eve tucked under the cover with a book and a glass of red (to be fair to the theme of flushed cheeks and fluttering eyelids) may i suggest a too-good-to-put-down (for love and other stuff) read? i promise its a page-turner!? all about a heartbroken lassie and the meaning of those pretty posies we 'umm' and 'uhh' over at the supermarket flower stand Vanessa Diffenbaugh's, The Language of Flowers is well worthy of a (single) girls night in. add a bag of caramel centred choccies to your shopping trolley and put on your granny panties and you'll be smitten! sending you a bunch of fuchsia: humble love.

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