Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bag Lady

As you may or may not be aware I am an admitted bag lady! Not in the sense of a "homeless" woman who carries all of her possessions with her in a blue and red checked shopping bag, but in a way that my bag tree is overflowing with slings, satchels, clutches and totes (to name a few)...

To prove to you my addiction I will be posting a pic of me and a one of my many carry - alls each day for the month of Feb!I just hope 28 days are enough? Ekkk who am I kidding! I'll try my best xx

Day 1: Vintage Patchwork

It seemed logical to start off with my everyday essential! Home to my keys, receipts, chewing gum, cards, and the odd bit or bobble - my purse!! Funny enough, I didn't mention it's intentional purpose of holding coin? Perhaps that's because generally I struggle to find more than a few silver pennies hiding inside :(

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